My Process

I believe my role as a graphic designer is to work alongside my clients to identify problems, set goals, and then create a solution. The common thread through the entire process is good communication.


Discovery is a fancy industry term for the process of answering the question, “what is the problem we are trying to solve?” Although it may seem obvious to begin here, you’d be surprised how often this process is truncated or skipped altogether. Once the problem has been identified, specific goals can be set which shape the boundaries of the design process.

Example: Rebranding CMSC

Concept & Design

Working within the boundaries of the project goals provides a safe place to explore possible solutions while minimizing scope creep or breaking the budget. I like to start with quick and easy methods of generating ideas, like sketches, to eliminate the more obvious solutions before moving on to mockups or prototypes.

Example: Identity for Adoption Rhode Island

Production & Implementation

Attention to detail is important, whether I’m handing off the project to a vendor or completing the production work myself. My clients have always been pleased with the fit and finish of their projects and that the end of the process was as strong as the beginning.

Example: Inside the Redesign of Merge Records