Mobility Ventures

Mobility Ventures manufactures the unique MV-1, the first and only vehicle designed from the ground up for wheelchair accessibility.

Goals for the new Mobility Ventures site included providing a platform for telling the story of this one-of-a-kind vehicle (Stories and Blog) and walking potential clients through the purchase process (Build Your Own Vehicle and Dealer Locator features). In addition to complying with ADA standards for accessibility, we made sure the site design featured large, easy-to-read text, oversized buttons and links, and high visual contrast between design elements.

One of the key elements to the site is the robust product detail page. To help navigate these long-form pages, we built a secondary navigation that follows the user down the page and provides anchor links to various vehicle features.

Justin’s step-by-step design process helped us avoid any surprises. His ability to articulate the sound reasons behind his design choices quickly cut through any competing personal preferences and kept our project on the right track.
— Jack Johnston, Senior Brand Manager, Mobility Ventures