Exploring Circle

Exploring Circle is an adventure travel company that believes in investing in people, places, and the planet. They offer extraordinary journeys while supporting people engaged in social and environmental issues.

Even though Exploring Circle was a start-up, the client had extensive knowledge and experience in the adventure travel market. The challenge was to marry together causes such as clean oceans and women's education with adventure travel into a single marketing site.

Justin was a joy to work with; always on task and on time. I enjoyed his humor, and he clearly knows his stuff with regards to design and website user experience.
— Kristy Royce, President and Founder, Exploring Circle

One of the key site elements the Info Card, used for providing destination data as well as information about the environmental and humanitarian causes that Exploring Circle promotes. The two-sided Info Cards pack a lot of information into a relatively small package, which provides an easy browsing experience without having to click through to a detail page.