Adoption Rhode Island

The Ocean State Adoption Resource Exchange was preparing to change their name and wanted a new logo to accompany the rebranding. They asked me to retain the parent and child motif but recreate it in a  more organic style. They had recently begun to incorporate the tag line, "Every Child Deserves a Home" into their marketing material and requested it be incorporated it into the new logo.

After hundreds of hand sketches I presented three concepts, two that featured an intertwined parent/child figure to represent the adoption relationship, and one that focused on the house as a safe haven. The client liked the version of the parent/child figure in which the child looked older because they wanted to promote adoption of non-infant children. Ultimately though, they decided to go in the direction of the house concept since it reinforced their tag line.

To achieve the goal of an "organic look" for the house and figures I experimented with ink and brush. The client had also asked me to try some script fonts for the logotype instead of the traditional font I had used in the initial concepts. I tried hand-lettering one version but it ended up looking a little too informal, like it was for a day care center. I settled on script font that had a casual look but with consistent letterforms.

The final round of revisions included revising the heart-shaped heads of the parent and child figures as well as reducing the size of the child to make it look a bit younger. A last minute revision to the agency's name from "Adoption Resources of Rhode Island" to simply "Adoption Rhode Island" worked in the logo's favor because it streamlined the lockup of the illustration and type.