After earning a BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design, my first job was roofing houses (thank you, economic recession of the early 90's). I eventually landed a position as a graphic designer for a small print shop and received a valuable education in production. I spent the first part of my career engaged in print and identity design before moving to the web in 2000. As a design consultant I focus on helping businesses be clear, strong, and consistent in their visual communication.

I'm not a native Rhode Islander but I've lived here long enough that I now give directions by where landmarks used to be. My wife (also a RISD grad) and I live in Providence and spend weekends indulging in our secret passion of yard sales and flea markets. As a result, our children have become master bargain hunters and negotiators.

I love helping my clients solve their problems. Unique contributions that I bring to the process are the ability to listen carefully and draw out the most important elements of the problem, which leads to better solutions.

You can find me on LinkedIn and talking about design on the Marketing Essentials Podcast.